Leonarda Orani
Leonarda Orani
Managing Director


United States

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ESG in Infrastructure is becoming more and more top of mind for developers, lenders and investors alike. How can we ensure that existing and greenfield projects have the end user in mind? How are we really defining “smart” infrastructure; just as something that has a digital interface, or one created with intelligent, user-friendly design?

  • Accessibility in transit and building projects 
  • Equity in infrastructure: how do we include Wider stakeholders in design and execution? How do we decide the level of need for new projects/ updates?
  • What top lenders are the largest players in this space? How do they approach different pools of capital for these developments?
  • What are the components and processes for sustainable/ green labeling for debt financings?

Leonarda Orani
Managing Director, Ardian
Léonie Maruani
Senior Director, Vauban Infrastructure Partners
David Sikorski
Vice President, Special Projects, ASTM North America
Aaron Singer
Commercial Vice President - Transformation, Global Transportation Business Line, Aecom