Paige Shapiro
Paige Shapiro
Technical Assistance Advisor

US Department of Commerce

United States

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Affecting all facets of rural life, this topic is especially timely - given the “once-in-a-generation” BEAD investment. In a little more than a month, each state will be notified of their slice of the $42.5 billion. Before discussing BEAD’s expected impact on rural communities and the investment community, our distinguished panelists share their perspective on the challenges and opportunities surrounding rural broadband. They will answer questions such as these:

· Do you view broadband as a utility? How does this affect your investment thesis?

· How do government subsidies alter your rural broadband investment thesis and technology choices?

· What will BEAD’s impact be? How will it spur P3s? What types of incremental investment are expected from the private sector?

· How do you integrate ESG considerations into your investment process?

· What is your perspective on the natural tension inherent in the public sector’s “Internet for all” mission and the private sector’s profit goal?

Marco Morra
Principal, GI Partners
Stephen Nettler
Managing Director, ING Capital
Brian Kirschbaum
Partner, Astra Capital Management
Dado Slezak
Managing Director, Global Investments, Astatine Investment Partners
Hannah Schofield
Managing Director, DC Advisory
Paige Shapiro
Technical Assistance Advisor, US Department of Commerce
David Strauss
Principal, Broadband Success Partners