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Welcome to day two!


Deputy Governor/TDOT Commissioner Butch Eley will discuss the Transportation Modernization Act, how the passing of this critical legislation will prepare TDOT with the resources needed to build and maintain roads across our rural and urban communities, fundamentally changes the way Tennessee delivers projects, and sets us up for a sustainable revenue source for the future.

Butch Eley
Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)

Crowd favorite session comes back to the stage to discuss the future interaction between public policy, finance, and infrastructure development. 

  • What new technological developments are revolutionizing US Infrastructure? 
  • Where are the real weak points in maintaining current assets? How can these be addressed? 
  • Leveraging private market financing for new projects
  • What effect have the IIJA and IRA had in improving sustainability requirements in access to capital?

Ray Di Prinzio
Executive Director and Co-Head, Infrastructure Finance, SMBC
Joel McIntyre
Chief Operating Officer, Tillman Digital Cities
Carolyn Arida
Managing Director Head of Utilities - Infrastructure, Harrison Street
Mathew O'Sullivan
Head of Strategy, Cavnue
Yuri Estrada
Vice President, Caryle Group
Maura Murphy
Head of Production, Proximo

Back to school! Especially as more and more students return to in person attendance for college, how are campus developers looking to meet demand?

  • Opportunities in multi family - diversifying into new assets 
  • What do campus communities need now, and how do we plan for future expansion? What investors are involved with further push out into district heating or parking projects?
  • Approaching expansion and affordable housing in highly populated and urban campuses

Jason Taylor
VP | Public Private Partnerships, American Campus Communities
Archie Chandrasekhar
Director | Higher Education and Social Infrastructure | Municipal Banking, Citi
Mark Jennings
Executive Vice President, Balfour Beatty
Emma Griffith
Senior Director, Fitch Ratings


Stretch your legs and exchange some business cards!

Demand and interest in the sector grows - from New York to Hawaii, new stadiums are being updated and built to meet the higher expectations of fans and visitors. What drives demand for the sector, and how do market health related (market AND medical) factors affect the procurement and delivery processes?

  • Government and municipal grants are less accessible for these asset classes - with high fluctuations in the market, what sources can new stadiums turn to?
  • Procurement processes for stadium finance and getting noticed by the issuing authority
  • Revenue mix -Auxiliary services and year-round use of facilities for seats, concessions, music, naming rights etc?

William DiBlasi
Sports Facility Finance & Advisory, Inner Circle Sports
Keegan McDonald
Vice President, Business Development, Oak View Group
Josh Glessing
Chief of Strategy and Corporate Development, Haslam Sports Group
Shannon Myers
SVP/CFO, Tennessee Titans
Michael Hoffmann
Director, Truist
Chad Lewis
Director, S&P Global Ratings

Easily one of the most talked about sectors within transportation: electric vehicle charging provides immense opportunities for new build and utilization of existing infrastructure to deliver updated access for EV demand across the country.  However, with lack of proven returns, uptake rate, and high initial costs for access for the end user, there are still some trials and tribulations for a fully realized electric transportation future.

  • What risks are lenders and developers taking on? How reliable have revenue models been (and will be)?
  • At what scale do chargers generate returns? What factors should investors be looking into? Is it just about the electrons or are there cross sales available for the charging stations?
  • What levels of financing are developers seeking? What qualities are they looking for in lenders? Corporate vs project structures. 

Keith Berger
Chief Executive Officer, Oodles Energy
Scott Davidson
Chief Executive Officer, Revolv
R. Earl Lewis Jr
Director of Zero Emission Bus Infrastructure, Maryland Department of Transportation-Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA)
Jennifer Wnek
Partner, Allen & Overy


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Hello and Welcome to Proximo's Financing America's Infrastructure Exchange! 

We're incredibly excited to have the cream of the crop in US Infrastructure joining us in Nashville and hope you enjoy the event!


Bankers and funds unite to dive deeply into market trends; where the capital for projects is coming from, the risk reward expectations in both debt and equity markets, and explore how banks and private placement investors view market conditions.

  • How are debt players feeling about the uncertainty caused by inflation and dislocation in the market? 
  • Do strategic equity providers add value to P3 deals or can a 100% financial sponsor grouping work well?
  • Secondary market activity: private-private and public-private. What opportunities are there to recycle capital?
  • Will private credit emerge as a substantial player in infrastructure debt markets? 

Bob Cantey
Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure Debt, Nuveen
Andre Burba
Managing Director, Private Infrastructure, Partners Group
Richard Hoskins
Managing Director, Carlyle Global Infrastructure
Nanda Kamat
Managing Director - Project Finance, MUFG
David Christensen
Partner, Allen & Overy

Proximo’s signature gameshow returns to Nashville! Top lenders come together to discuss three completely hypothetical deals to discuss: 

  • What risks are involved

  • Financial Structuring and appetite

  • And if they would do the deal! 

This year’s gameshow will include assets from core infra, social, and digital – so get your briefcase ready to play!

Mansi Patel
Head of U.S. Infrastructure and Project Finance, Metlife
Kate Dorsey
Director, MUFG
Yael Hayim
Director, ING Capital
Thomas Hopkins
Deputy Editor, TXF


Enjoy a coffee and stretch your legs before we get into some of our top sessions for the day!


Roundtable discussion; An opportunity for public officials to convene and discuss updates in the market and the best ways to navigate the changing landscape of infrastructure.

Topic : Public sector perspective on PPP portfolio management -

  • Managing ongoing communications with project companies
  • What opportunities for additional brownfield works can there be under existing P3 contracts?
  • Successfully managing the refinancing process. 
  • If you had a time machine, what advice would you give the PPP procurement team for the assets you manage?

Faizan Habib
Director, Office of Public-Private Partnerships, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Russell McMurry
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)
Jennifer Wright
Project Finance & Debt Director, Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)
Chris Livingstone
Principal, Project Finance and Consulting, CohnReznick LLP


Closer dive in valuations for digital infrastructure assets  - Much like the global health of the financial markets are affecting traditionally protected assets, they have the potential to truly affect newer, shorter termed contracts.

  • How does this interest rate and valuation changes affect digital assets? How long will it last? 
  • How are themes of convergence between assets changing the landscape of how projects are delivered?
  • Supply chain in digital infrastructure – is this a more secure asset class with opportunities in nearshoring? Or just as impacted as any other market?
  • How is 5G building out across the US?
Michael Obhof
Senior Managing Director, Ardian
Vineet Agrawal
Senior Vice President, PIMCO
Madelyn​ Nolan
Vice President, Brookfield
Kemal Hawa
Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig LLP


Panel of top level market leaders taking stock and exploring new avenues - what asset classes are the most active, what challenges are they facing, and how they are managing through dislocations and quickly fluctuating interest rates? 

  • Breakdown of the market discussing recent trends in transportation, civil, and social infrastructure
  • Risk transfer, capital requirements, and labor shortages affecting project delivery 
  • Is more legislative impetus needed? In what direction?
  • What changes might be needed to bidding processes and structures to cope with uncertainty?
  • Will the IIJA and IRA have as profound an impact on the transport and social infrastructure market as it could in renewable energy?

Michael Discenza
President (Acting), Transurban - North America
Jennifer Aument
Non-Executive Board Member, -
Carlos Ugarte
Global Head of Business and Corporate Development, Cintra
Morteza Farajian
Executive Director, U.S. DOT - Build America Bureau
Ray Di Prinzio
Executive Director and Co-Head, Infrastructure Finance, SMBC
Maura Murphy
Head of Production, Proximo


Arguably the hottest asset class within digital infrastructure, Data centers continue to have some of the largest ticket sizes in the market. The US is also home to the most data centers with well over 2,000 active projects. 

  • What is the appetite within the US? Are the best opportunities for new builds outside of the country? 
  • What lenders are top in the sector? Is there any changing of the guard or new entrants? 
  • Is having a FANG offtaker still necessary for projects to be approved?
  • What opportunities are there for entrants in the public financing market?
Todd Coleman
Founder, President and CEO, eStruxture
Jared Day
President and CFO, Compass Datacenters
Quynh Tran
Co-Head Infrastructure Finance, SMBC
Santhosh Rao
Managing Director, MUFG Global Corporate & Investment Banking
Anubhav Raj
Chief Financial Officer, Aligned Data Centers
Gregory Tan
Partner, Paul Hastings


Grab a plate of Nashville grub and enjoy over our networking lunch. Connect with new business opportunities and reconnect with peers and colleagues over some delicious food.


The definition of infrastructure continues to evolve. Fewer and fewer true greenfield assets are coming to market, and more projects are being delivered as a service. Our session leaders will work though:

  • What project structures work best?
  • More and more we are seeing hybrid PF /private capital deals; for what assets are these types of deal structures best?
  • The value of a clear and dependable procurement program, regardless of method

Andrew Lin
Senior Director, Project Finance & Infrastructure, Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc.
Frank Ferramosca
Vice President Of Business Development, Bernhard LLC
Brian Cullen
President & CEO, VICO Infrastructure
Connie Zhai
Director, Kaufman Hall
Brian Dugan
Managing Director, Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate
Joseph Saverino
Partner, Chapman and Cutler


The demand for Fiber infrastructure in the US is projected to be high, but is it high enough to disrupt cable providers? 

  • Where are the highest demands seen? What risk is there of overbuild?
  • How are established cable providers responding? How much of an advantage do first movers have? 
  • What opportunities are there in rural communities? What challenges do remote locations present? 
  • Blending debt, grants, and non-traditional finance
Allison Wisniewski
Vice President, Carlyle Global Infrastructure
Kangdi Peng
Associate Director, Australian Super
Rob Buckley
Director, Global Cross Sector, Fitch Ratings
Ted Schremp
Founder, President, and CEO, IQ Fiber
Richard Knowlton
Managing Director, Technology, Media & Telecom, Société Générale
Sam Southall
Managing Director, Macquarie Capital
Dolly Mirchandani
Partner, White & Case


This workshop session allows for hands-on discussions to breakdown best practices in structuring new deals. Our session leaders will work though:

  • What project structures work best? More and more we are seeing hybrid PF /private capital deals; for what assets are these types of deal structures best? 
  • The value of a clear and dependable procurement program, regardless of method
  • The importance and growing need of including local community stakeholders in any project structuring and financing. 

Lucas Lahitou
Head of Origination & Structuring, S&B USA
John Pickhaver
Head of Infrastructure & Energy Capital, Americas, Macquarie Capital
Roger Boothe
Senior Director, Altus Group
Daniel Pinan
Head of Corporate Development North America, Ferrovial Airports
Reed Singer
Managing Director, Ullico Infrastructure Management Co
Kevin Weeks
Head of Business Development, Global Corporate Trust & Custody , U.S. Bank


Affecting all facets of rural life, this topic is especially timely - given the “once-in-a-generation” BEAD investment. In a little more than a month, each state will be notified of their slice of the $42.5 billion. Before discussing BEAD’s expected impact on rural communities and the investment community, our distinguished panelists share their perspective on the challenges and opportunities surrounding rural broadband. They will answer questions such as these:

· Do you view broadband as a utility? How does this affect your investment thesis?

· How do government subsidies alter your rural broadband investment thesis and technology choices?

· What will BEAD’s impact be? How will it spur P3s? What types of incremental investment are expected from the private sector?

· How do you integrate ESG considerations into your investment process?

· What is your perspective on the natural tension inherent in the public sector’s “Internet for all” mission and the private sector’s profit goal?

Marco Morra
Principal, GI Partners
Stephen Nettler
Managing Director, ING Capital
Brian Kirschbaum
Partner, Astra Capital Management
Dado Slezak
Managing Director, Global Investments, Astatine Investment Partners
Hannah Schofield
Managing Director, DC Advisory
Paige Shapiro
Technical Assistance Advisor, US Department of Commerce
David Strauss
Principal, Broadband Success Partners


ESG in Infrastructure is becoming more and more top of mind for developers, lenders and investors alike. How can we ensure that existing and greenfield projects have the end user in mind? How are we really defining “smart” infrastructure; just as something that has a digital interface, or one created with intelligent, user-friendly design?

  • Accessibility in transit and building projects 
  • Equity in infrastructure: how do we include Wider stakeholders in design and execution? How do we decide the level of need for new projects/ updates?
  • What top lenders are the largest players in this space? How do they approach different pools of capital for these developments?
  • What are the components and processes for sustainable/ green labeling for debt financings?

Leonarda Orani
Managing Director, Ardian
Leonie Maruani
Senior Director, Vauban Infrastructure Partners
David Sikorski
Vice President, ASTM North America
Aaron Singer
Commercial Vice President, Global Transportation, Transformation, AECOM


Join for an update on the US Tower infrastructure market; what has typically been a steady and concentrated market, now looks for more trends in convergence and innovation

  • What is the  projected demand for telecom tower infrastructure within the US? 
  • Where is investment in connectivity most needed? How is this affected by continued buildout of 5G across the country?
  • How are relationships with landowners and carriers evolving?
William Parry
Director, Infrastructure Investor, Fengate
Patrick Fear
Managing Director, Alliance Bernstein
Syed Ahmed
Senior Director, Metlife
Thomas Hopkins
Deputy Editor, TXF


Rest and reset your mind with some light refreshments  provided during this networking break before we move into our final discussions of day 1!


Test your general, market, and music knowledge against your peers! Each table will team up while our head of intelligence takes you through increasingly tougher questions. Winning group gets to choose the charity of their choice!

Please join us in congratulating our Deal of the Year winners for outstanding performance in infrastructure in 2022!

Sponsored by:

Maura Murphy
Head of Production, Proximo
Thomas Hopkins
Deputy Editor, TXF
Greg Jordan
Managing Director - Business Development, US Bancorp


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