Joel McIntyre
Joel McIntyre
Chief Operating Officer

Tillman Digital Cities

United States

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Crowd favorite session comes back to the stage to discuss the future interaction between public policy, finance, and infrastructure development. 

  • What new technological developments are revolutionizing US Infrastructure? 
  • Where are the real weak points in maintaining current assets? How can these be addressed? 
  • Leveraging private market financing for new projects
  • What effect have the IIJA and IRA had in improving sustainability requirements in access to capital?

Ray Di Prinzio
Executive Director and Co-Head, Infrastructure Finance, SMBC
Joel McIntyre
Chief Operating Officer, Tillman Digital Cities
Carolyn Arida
Managing Director Head of Utilities - Infrastructure, Harrison Street
Mathew O'Sullivan
Head of Strategy, Cavnue
Yuri Estrada
Vice President, Caryle Group
Maura Murphy
Head of Production, Proximo